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WTC Demolition Plans

Seller: The Dancing Israelis
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Condition: used
Time Left: 19 days, 5 hours

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Current Bid: $260,000,000


Location: Tel Aviv, Israel


The only high-rise buildings ever brought down by fire. Videos that show controlled demolition. Evidence of thermite. The unexplained destruction of Building 7. No forensic investigation of the rubble, which was carted away and distributed far and wide.

The shooting down of Flight 93 resulting in a debris field 1/2 mile wide and 8 miles long. The Office of Naval Intelligence and ongoing investigations into the CIA’s Black Eagle Trust destroyed at the Pentagon.

Saudi nationals whisked out of the US despite the grounding of all civilian aircraft. 28 pages of the 9/11 Commission Report that remain classified today. The invasion of Afghanistan – where the Taliban had refused a US pipeline – and Iraq, both justified by 9/11.

Conspiracy theory, right?

Wrong. And here is proof: the full set of demolition plans for the World Trade Center.

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House of Saud
Homeland Sec.
Homeland Sec.
House of Saud
9/11 Truth
Above Top Secret
National Enquirer
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