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2 Tons of Iraqi WMDs (Lot 16)

Seller: Defense Logistics Agency
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Condition: toxic
Time Left: 11 days, 3 hours

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Current Bid: $210,000


Location: Aberdeen Proving Ground, 6836 Civil Rd., Aberdeen, Maryland

Shipping: Buyer responsible for shipping in compliance with applicable FMCSA requirements.


Rubber bullets bouncing off? Tear gas not having the desired effects? Well now there is a guaranteed solution to civilian crowd control.

Choose from Phosgene, Sarin, VX, and more for those times when normal crowd control measures just don’t work. This is the highly cost effective solution to crowd management, no more arrests, laborious paperwork, or court appearances!

The Defense Department’s 1033 Program – which disposes of excess military gear by giving it to law enforcement agencies – prevents us from giving away chemical and biological weapons. But it doesn’t prevent us from selling them to you!

Manufactured by DOW Chemical and Monsanto for US military use, these are simply the finest chemical agents available. The effectiveness of these weapons was proven in the 1980-88 Iraqi proxy war against Iran.

To participate in this auction, bidders must be Law Enforcement Agencies registered with the Law Enforcement Support Office (LESO). Applications are available here.

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Minneapolis PD
Ferguson PD
Cleveland PD
Louisville PD
Fort Worth PD
Atlanta PD
Ann Arbor PD
Sacramento PD
Dallas PD
Baltimore PD
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