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al-Zaidi’s Right Shoe

Seller: Muntadhar al-Zaidi

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Condition: freshly polished

Time Left: 1 days, 2 hours

Bids: [22] Bidder List

Current High Bid: $125,000,000


Location: Baghdad, Iraq

Shipping: free international shipping via Blue Dart


I am an Iraqi journalist. I reported on an Iraqi girl killed on her way to school by American soldiers. Then American soldiers kidnapped me and beat me.

In December 2008 President Bush was at a press conference in Baghdad.

I threw my shoe at him and yelled “This is your farewell kiss from the Iraqi people, you dog!”

All money from this auction will support the al-Zaidi Foundation, which builds and maintains free schools and hospitals manned by Iraqi doctors.

Coming soon – the auction for the left shoe.

Bidder List

Xi JinPing
Kim Jong Il
Bashar al-Assad
V. Putin
Ali Khamenei
Hamid Karzai
Bashar al-Assad
Kim Jong Il
Xi JinPing
Ali Khamenei
V. Putin
A. Lukashenko
Bashar al-Assad
Xi JinPing
Gerhard Schröder
Wesley Clark
Ali Khamenei
V. Putin
Iraq Nat. Museum
Paul H. O’Neill
Kim Jong Il
Iraq Nat. Museum
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