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D.C. Madame's Client List

Seller: Montgomery Sibley
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Condition: genuine
Time Left: 1 days, 5 hours

Bids: [55] Bidder List

Current Bid: $3,700,000


Location: undisclosed

Shipping: secure international delivery via private courier


The D.C. Madame’s telephone records were used to identify the clients of her exclusive Washington D.C. escort service.

The list of client reads like a Who’s Who of political elites and includes elected and appointed government officials, federal court justices, high-ranking military officers, lobbyists, corporate executives, media correspondents, and many more.

As the release of these records has been repeatedly denied by repeated federal gag orders, court denials to hear challenges to those orders, and the ruination of the seller’s legal career, these records are being provided with the hope that a reputable news agency will secure and report them.

Bidder List

Dick Cheney
Clarence Thomas
John Boehner
Rick Santorum
Adm. M. Mullen
Jeff Sessions
Chuck Schumer
Samuel Alito
Bill Clinton
John Bolton
Hank Paulson
Dick Cheney
Mitch McConnell
Neil Gorsuch
John Kerry
Trent Lott
Bill Clinton
Samuel Alito
Clarence Thomas
Neil Gorsuch
Adm. M. Mullen
Donald Trump
Jeff Sessions
Trent Lott
John Kerry
Jay Rockefeller
Orrin Hatch
Bill Frist
John Thune
Rick Santorum
Chuck Schumer
Harry Reid
Ted Cruz
David Vitter
Roy Blunt
John Boehner
Eric Cantor
Rahm Emanuel
Peter King
Devin Nunes
Dennis Hastert
Mitch McConnell
Tom DeLay
John Edwards
Pat Robertson
Jim Bakker
Pat Meehan
Jerry Falwell Jr.
Trent Franks
John Conyers Jr.
Alan Greenspan
Steve Bannon
Hank Paulson
John Bolton
D. Cunningham
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