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Holy Relic - The Savior's iPhone 12

Seller: Jesus
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Condition: divine
Time Left: 13 days, 3 hours

Bids: [20] Bidder List

Current Bid: $2,750,000


Location: Bethlehem, PA


Reason for sale: I’m an early adopter and I just got the new Apple iPhone 15 with LGBTQ emojis, voice ID, ultra-wide autofocus, custom home screen widgets, and 512GB.


Bonus feature: Never needs charging.

All sales final, seller does not accept returns.

Bidder List

Kanye West
Opus Dei
Joel Osteen
Kim Kardashian
Opus Dei
Charlie Sheen
Creflo Dollar Jr.
Kanye West
Mel Gibson
The Holy See
Mel Gibson
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