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Jimmy Hoffa's Location

Seller: Jackie the Kid
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Condition: expired
Time Left: 13 days, 23 hours

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Opening Bid: $1,000,000


Location: find out when you win


There’s lots a talk about the spring cleanup on Jimmy.

Jimmy wasn’t made he was just an associate. Not that it makes a difference when you talk too much.

Some say he’s under the 11th green at Savannah Inn & Golf or the 50-yard line at Giants Stadium.

Some say he went into the incinerator in Jersey City cause the family runs the waste disposal business. That woulda been good but it was too far away. We took him for a ride but we wasn’t gonna drive him 900 miles.

I’ll tell you some other places he ain’t. Pulaski Skyway. Roseville. In the foundation of the Renaissance Center. But that woulda been good being the HQ of GM and all.

Frank the Irishman is full of shit, he wasn’t even there. He’s just trying to make bank on the story.

I was there. I know who clipped him and I know where is. For the right price I’ll spill.