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Nyan Cat NFT

Seller: NFT Guy
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Condition: digital
Time Left: 10 days, 11 hours

Bids: [0] Bidder List

Opening Bid: $1,180,000


Location: decentralized global cluster of computer servers


Here is one of the hottest NFTs around – Nyan Cat.

NFT’s are one-of-a-kind digital tokens that are part of the Ethereum Blockchain. NFTs bestow ownership of the work.

Despite the fact that the existing Nyan Cat GIF will still be available for distribution online, and that the NFT bestows no rights whatsoever, it is still a highly valuable commodity!

It may sound to good to be true, but with bidding starting at cost (based on the current Ethereum price) you can get in on the ground floor. Don’t miss this great opportunity!

The price of NFTs can only go UP! This is the ideal investment vehicle for doubling or tripling your money in an incredibly short amount of time. So bid now to secure your fortune!

Terms of sale: All sales final. Bids can not be retracted once placed. Not liable for breach of copyright, violation of securities law, or financial losses due to errors, hacking, acts of God or any other cause.

Disclaimer: Not responsible for epileptic fits, seizures, or any and all other health conditions that may be caused by viewing this animated graphic.