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Comedian by Maurizo Cattelan (relisted)

Seller: Perrotin Gallery
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Condition: refrigerated
Time Left: 0 days, 4 hours

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Opening Bid: $140,000


Location: 130 Orchard Street, New York, NY 10002

Shipping: Buyer responsible for refrigerated shipping.


This is your last chance to acquire one of the most notable and popular artworks of the 21st Century, the last of three editions of Maurizo Cattelan’s sculpture Comedian. This fantastic work won’t  be around for long.

First shown at Art Basel Miami in 2019, Comedian became an international media sensation when a spectator removed the sculpture from the wall and ate it.

Despite the $140,000 price, both the artist and gallery graciously declined to press criminal charges in the matter.

Following the incident, Perrotin Gallery and Art Basel increased security and stationed two security guards at Comedian, which was replaced with a banana from the food stand.

Perrotin Gallery is one of the world’s leading galleries in overpriced artwork by overrated artists.